About Pathways Christian School

Targeted Learning:

Struggling Students:

PCS targets the needs of students with learning problems in reading and math. PCS works with children diagnosed with Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, etc, as well as the needs of those students who have fallen behind. 

Testing is conducted to to determine your student's needs. Next, specialized curricullum, designed for children with learning disabilities, is used. Students are placed in small groups working with other students who are at similar levels. 

PCS is responsive to your child's needs. Intensive remediation is offered daily as well as a variety of activities designed to to strengthen your child's areas of weakness. 


Advanced Students:

Students are tested upon entry and curriculum is assigned according to ability level. Students are challenged to participate and excel in local science and social studies fairs as well as art, writing, and poetry competitions. 

Founder: Renee Unsworth

Pathways Christian school is led by Renee Unsworth who has a degree in education from Crown College in Minnesota. She has over 30 years teaching experience in a variety of school settings including: private, public, and homeschooling.

Throughout her teaching career, Renee has taught Pre-K-12 and has taught in Minnesota, California, and Louisiana. She is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International. Mrs. Unsworth has an extensive background in phonics and has taught many students to read. She homeschooled her own four children, of which one was a struggling student. They all have received a wide range of scholarships and awards. 

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Parent Testimony:

"Enrolling our child at PCS and having Renee as his teacher has been an answer to prayer. He has advanced in math and reading comprehension and is now on grade level. God has gifted Renee with the ability to 'see' how a child learns and then equipped her to teach them accordingly. She is, therefore, able to meet the educational needs of an often misunderstood population of uniquely gifted students."

-Stephen and Susanne Hughes